Friday, October 26, 2007

Another bag, and sewing frustration

Another day, another pleated bag from Bend the Rules Sewing! After making one for a friend, she ordered 2 more for Christmas presents. I congratulate myself on completing the first before Halloween! If only I could be so good about my own presents for family. a perfect world, right? I have another one (same design) about half-way done. Just waiting to go back to the fabric store for more thread and stiff interfacing for the bottom. The kids have been home from school this week so errands haven't been the easiest! I love my kids, but a week off for "fall break" is a bit much.

This bag gave me a lot of trouble towards the finishing touches. When I sewed the lining to the outside, I was left with lots of extra pleats in the corduroy. Out came the seam ripper and I had to do-over, with several side-seam adjustments to take up a bit of the slack. I really, really hate do-overs. I am a speedy crafter and if I'm making something for myself, I tend to live with the mistakes. However, the people-pleaser in me hates to have imperfections show to anyone, much less a friend who is actually paying me money to do this! I know it's good for me. It teaches me patience (of which I have had little this week, thanks to the fall break) and good workmanship. I just hope my friend (or her sister, for whom this is intended) doesn't notice the wee extra pleat that happened at the top on the second try! Oops! It will just give it a little character, right???
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susan said...

I just got the Bending the Rules book and I love this pleated bag in brown so much more than the sample in the book.

Just found your blog and looking forward to seeing your future posts.

Holly said...

Nice work! I really want to tackle that bag someday when I have the patience to work on it. I am very friendly with my seam ripper!

Joanna Butchart said...

i saw a handmade bag with the label "this is handmade so there may be imperfections". I sell my stuff and not everything is perfect but do you know what they were made with love and attention and did not come from a factory in china where people are paid 2p per day. All your stuff looks fab