Monday, October 15, 2007

Handbag, and Sewing Insanity

I whipped this up this afternoon (well, technically, the pieces were cut this morning). All in all it was a nice project, one that gave me a little taste for successfully completing a sewing project with curved edges. Really, I'm not so good at those. I like the end result but would modify a few things...longer handles and skip the bow next time. Maybe a funky line of buttons instead? Now, as for the Sewing Insanity...why is it that I get so enmeshed in my creative flow that it starts to interfere with my sleep? I suppose having a 3 year-old in the midst of nighttime potty-training doesn't exactly help the sleep factor either, but still...I dream about fabric. I am working on projects in my sleep, then wake up and can't wait to find some time to play around some more. Nights like last night, for example, included not only the waking-up-changing-pants-changing-sheets thing, but then a good 20 minutes of wakefulness before going back to sleep, followed by dreams of fabric combinations. I woke up tired because it felt like my mind had been going all night. Let's just say that by the time this afternoon rolled around, I was ready for a wee bit of a nap. I did doze off for 20 minutes (with the drool spot to show for it), then awoke and immediately started thinking about getting to work on this handbag. Ugh! I mean, I love the creative flow/mojo thing I've had lately, however it's like I'm ready for a break but my mojo is not! Weird!

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