Monday, October 29, 2007

The New Toy

Ah, the difference between my hobbies and Kirk's are really kinda funny sometimes. For me - just point me in the direction of a craft store, give me a credit card, and the urge to make stuff lasts a long, long time. But him? Make sure it has a remote control, and rechargeable batteries, and oh - even better if it flies. Like this helicopter. I now know we never really get over the things that made us happy when we were kids. You wouldn't believe how noisy this little sucker is, too ...the other night I was in the shower (with the water running, and the fan going) and I was thinking, man! What in the world is he shredding right now? Do we really have that many documents we need to get rid of at 10:00 at night? But oh no, he was only playing with his helicopter, practicing take-offs and landings without crashing into the bed or the dog or the tv. Trust me, it crashes a lot. Luckily it isn't (usually) very seriously damaged. Oh yeah - and that rechargeable thing? It lasts about 5 minutes. Too short of a time to go on seek and destroy missions.
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