Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rain and Comfort Food

This has been such a rainy, chilly weekend. No playing outside, for sure. Of course, by Sunday night that just creates a mutinous, surly bunch, especially in the age 7 and under category! Still, I love it. I love being inside a cozy house with plenty of crafty projects to keep me occupied while the thunder rumbles and the rain pit-pats on the bathroom skylights. What is it about this weather that makes me want Campbell's soup and grilled cheese? Maybe all of the rainy Sunday nights as a kid with the same thing on the menu. The only difference between now and then (other than the obvious ones of being 20 years older, being married, having 3 kids of my own, etc) was that my mom and dad always had the little kitchen tv tuned in to 60 Minutes during dinner. No other night of the week would we watch tv while eating, just on Sunday's so they wouldn't miss that show. So, tonight, I'm remembering rainy Sunday nights of yore that involved canned tomato soup, lots of Velveeta, and the crabby rantings of Andy Rooney.

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