Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on glassware

A few notes about the glassware. Firstly, they came through the dishwasher with flying colors! Yippee! Sometimes I think I'm a bit silly to get so excited about things like that. At least Kirk humors me and was mildly interested when he learned that fact as well. However...I will probably hand wash my glasses and any silverware I make...there is really no reason to put them through the dishwasher on a regular basis, maybe only if they get gross!

And yes, I plan to add them to my orders page. I have not yet figured prices on everything, but when I do (which will be soon) I will post it.

Oh, and the glue used was Amazing Goop. Probably anything that is designed for plumbing adhesive would work...we've also tried Loctite Houseware Repair...but my stones fell off with that one.

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