Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Willing Model

Alas, how lucky am I that my favorite preschooler (aka Grace) not only likes to wear what I make for her, but also likes to pose for photos? When the camera comes out and I say, "Can I take a picture of you in that/wearing that/whatever" she smiles and says "yes Mommy!" Then out comes the cheesy squinty-eyed grin and the shoulders shrugged up to her ears, and with each photo snapped are the words "can I see it too?" The digital camera age is all about instant gratification for the photographer as well as the pint-sized subject! Of course, photos such as these frustrate her immensely when viewed, because I have purposefully NOT included her face in the photo! Usually I have to get a couple of silly-grinned shots to satisfy her "I wanna see myself" attitude.

So, this new skirt is something that came together very quickly (oh, my favorite thing! more instant gratification!). Black stretch cord with striped cotton on the bottom. Grace's favorite thing is the "rainbow" fabric which she chose herself. It really has a lot of give to it yet holds it's shape nicely, considering all of the wiggling around that goes on at preschool. I made the same style for Lauren in brown cord and pink/brown swirl (see the inner lining of my purse, posted below). It too is cute. But man! How hard was it to find a shirt to match the pink swirl? I know my inner craftista could make or embellish something with either the brown cord or the pink swirl, but Lauren (even at the tender age of 5) is not so into being matchy-matchy these days. I settled for a pink shirt that sort-of matched. Oh well, the other kindergarteners won't care!

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