Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Today, I was a "good" mom. I fought the urge to do the errand thing, and instead took Grace to the zoo. This was probably the least encumbered I have ever been at the zoo, keeping in mind I did not need a stroller or a huge backpack of stuff to lug around. Oh, the joys of having a 3 year-old while older brother and sister are in school! We were miraculously able to walk in, stroll around, and go home. I swear, the world is starting to open up for me again! It was a gloriously beautiful morning, chilly and 50's but sunny with no wind. The kind of fall day where leaves scuttle across the ground, it feels good to wear jeans and long sleeves, and the light from the sky has that fall-ish quality. Just beautiful. So, we ventured around our awesome zoo (have you been to the zoo in Omaha? It's amazing. Like, "we're-supposedly-getting-a-Panda-amazing"). I did not even take pictures. Mostly I did not want to lug around my camera, but I also just wanted to be at the zoo. Experience it, not go snap-snap-snap to get the really good shots. I just want to remember it as it was - a nice walk, lots of animals, and best of all, "good mommy" time with Grace. But if you ask her, she mostly liked the jellyfish.

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