Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yarn Love

It is a cold, blustery day today...perfect for tea and a new project. A visit to my LYS this morning yielded some very nice new stuff to play around with. Some more alpaca and Peruvian wool (how much do I love the fact that I am supporting a tiny school in Peru just by buying this!) as well as some gorgeous slubby wool from Wales. Isn't is all amazing?
I feel so worldly as I craft! I would really, really love to find someone who produced wool locally (shout out to any Nebraska sheep/goat farmers??? If you're out there, let me know!) - I have the ambition to someday attempt spinning my own, and for as random as my crafting is, you know that is entirely possible! There is something so organic about knitting, much like I felt when I (once upon a time) was into wheel-thrown pottery. Kick wheel, of course, no electric for me. I fell in love with the rhythm and I think that is what is so appealing to me now with knitting. The upside to knitting as opposed to pottery, however, is the fact that I can sit in my living room and knit with kids around me and not get covered in clay! Having kids definitely alters my creative endeavors. It's all good though...because without them, I would never get gems like this...
(Portrait of Mommy as drawn by three year-old Grace)

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