Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crazy in a good way.

Lots of busyness around here today - I feel a little frazzled even though it's all been brought on myself! So I'm not complaining...just dealing. The kids were all home today - a "snow day" due to a lovely ice/snow storm we had in the night. I found out last night that school was cancelled and honestly, I was dreading today. I thought we'd have screaming and tears and who knows what else by 10:00 am! But, they have been good. Playing games, playing house, doing a craft project (with me...homemade paper bowl from an old Family Fun issue), etc. I managed to get out this afternoon (not OUT out, just out to the driveway) to do a little shoveling. And even then, with me out of the house and them shut inside, they were still good! Guess strange things can happen sometimes.

So why have I been busy, besides the aforementioned snow day activities? Well, filling orders, working on various Christmas presents (darn that handmade pledge!), and writing my first knitting pattern as part of an order. I have certainly done my own knitting design, just have never actually taken the time to write it all down properly (and have it look nice, with pictures, etc.). Once I figure out how to convert it to a PDF, I may post it in the shop for sale. I'm thinking it would be nice to sell something and NOT have to ship it, you know? BTW, the above piece is for which the pattern was written...

Oh, and another thing...if anyone out there has been interested in items in my shop but isn't from the US, never fear! I have decided to try international shipping, and edited my items accordingly. So, happy shopping!

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