Monday, December 17, 2007

The miracle product.

Holy cow, I seriously need to buy stock in 3M! I have just happened upon the most amazing and (to me) life altering product. OK, maybe life-altering is a bit much, but oh. my. goodness. I have been a fan of the Command line of products for awhile - great hooks and poster tacking stuff, never leaves a residue. I just installed a few more hooks the other day to hold unwieldy lunchboxes. Anyway. So, today, looking for more poster tacking stuff at Target, I saw they now have picture-hanging strips. Pure genius. For people like me, who totally hate hanging groupings of photos because they inevitable hang crooked, these are a godsend. I just hung 5 frames above the piano, all perfectly spaced, in about 5 minutes. Now I need more! I see they even have hangers for larger photos - I REALLY need these for 2 large pictures I have above my living room couch - at least daily I go in and straighten the frames. 3M, I love you!

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