Friday, December 7, 2007

Snickerdoodles are in da house

Yes, the cookie-baking went without a hitch last night, to my moderate surprise! We told the kids that they would get to eat one only if they helped. For the task assigned - rolling and dipping - they are pros anyway, so I shouldn't have worried about their participation. Granted, Reed probably would have preferred to be playing Guitar Hero on the 360, but he relented to help in order to earn his dessert. Even Kirk got in on the action, and I have now realized that he can get downright cranky if someone is messin' with his favorite cookies! Let's just say that after the first ball of snickerdoodle dough landed on the floor (by accident, I can attest) his temper flared a wee bit. Lauren wasn't buying it though..."come on, Dad, it's just a cookie!"

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