Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some updated photos.

I have never been happy with my original photos of these knitted pieces...finally got on the ball (with my to-do list ever-expanding, no less) and took some quick pics yesterday. Had to haul it out into the snow, to get some of that awesome late-afternoon light. And I have to say, I love my new dress form. She is petite yet curvaceous and makes my photos SOOOO much easier! She has been named Sophie, with Grace's approval, because she is decidedly French. Doesn't she look pretty wrapped in red and ready for the cold?

And in other creative doings, I happed across this post on the Angry Chicken blog. Seriously. I had to try it once I saw how dang cute they were. Still not sure why I chose this week when I am still crazy-busy (did I mention the sheep costumes I'm sewing for Christmas Eve church service??? That'll be a different post).
For these, I used Tastefully Simple's Almond Pound Cake mix and it fit 6 half-pint jars perfectly. Yum. Like we really needed more sweets around this week!

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