Monday, January 28, 2008

Does this really need a title?

Red Sox hat? Check. Funky beaded necklaces? Check. Pink tutu? Check. Striped tights from Old Navy? Check.

Fortunately, there is no where we need to go this afternoon.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Some things just never make it to the shop...

I did another tiered skirt, using Lauren as my size model. My pattern is one that you generate based off of measurements (rather than the pin-and-cut variety of pattern) - and I really was intending this to be an item for the shop. Good idea, right? Cute fabric, very springy, the perfect thing for someone to purchase! That is, until Lauren saw the finished product. "Mom," she said, "can I keep it? Please???" (Puh-leeeeez?????) I said, "we'll see..." and proceeded to let her watch me do the matching appliqued flower on the shirt. Really, I had no chance of listing it with her "helping" me do this part! "Oh, Mom, it's so cute! I love it! Can I keep it? Huh? Huh? Please? Can I???" So, I have relented. Yes, she may keep it.
Here is a closeup of the applique - I sewed it to the wrong side of fusible interfacing, then ironed it on to the shirt. I used pink embroidery thread in a running stitch along the perimeter, and finally finished by fraying the edges. I'm loving the edge detail!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The new toy.

Let me put it another new toy. I am the proud own of a new laptop - this has been a long time coming! When we purchased our most current desktop a few years ago I kept pushing for a no no is all I heard back. But, long story short (involving Christmas shopping or lack thereof, a tech bonus, and many fingers crossed) I got it on Sunday. And I am loving it. I am not tied to the desk and chair anymore! What kind of laptop, you ask? Well, it's an HP something something something. I really don't know (much less understand) all the specs. Isn't that why I married a techie? He set me up and now I have my own personal help desk (with much better customer service, I might add!). Although yesterday (my first day solo w/ new machine) he anticipated, even out-loud told his co-workers, that he figured I'd call with questions at least 3 or 4 times during the day. And did I call? No. Not once. Maybe there's a little bit of tech DNA in me after all? Who am I kidding??? Not a chance!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

A new favorite.

I know, shameless self-promotion. This photo today was a happy accident. I fussed with my camera for what seemed like ages, trying to get a good self-portrait shot of these new cuffs. I really, really could use a remote rather than the self-timer! How am I supposed to properly focus the shot by myself and be in front of the camera at the same time??? Hence, the happy accident occurred when the camera was close enough to me, I was standing in front of a velvet curtain (pulled out of the closet for this purpose), and the camera actually focused on my hand. LOVE IT when the stars align for just the right shot.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good thing I checked...

I've been all excited about getting out on my own tonight. After having the kids home for a full 2+ weeks now, I'm all about some alone time. You know what I mean? So, I have a belated holiday party to go to for our MOPS steering team. A little while ago I checked the e-vite to see what time it started...and it's not tonight! Yeah, it's tomorrow night. Luckily I can still make it, but man I'm glad I didn't show up tonight - how embarassing would that have been?

Pretty exciting day on the books for today. I "get" to take Reed and Grace to see Alvin and The Chipmunks this afternoon. Lauren got to go with Grandma and Grandma a few weeks ago, so it's only fitting the other 2 have been begging to go ever since. And with school starting back on Monday, I know Reed will be hearing about it from everybody. Guess he shouldn't be left out!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Busyness, Business, and The New Year

So, things have been busy around here (is there really any other way?)! Christmas was awesome. Quiet, good family and food, and just not as over-the-top as we've had in previous years. Hardly any massive, plastic playset with gazillions of pieces. How nice is that? After Christmas we hosted guests - my cousin Marie, her husband Joe and their amazingly cute and cuddly 10 month-old twins, Kate and Adrian. Seriously cute and cuddly. We had an awesome time together, and now all is quiet again. We barely even noticed midnight last night! The kids were put to bed at normal time, Kirk and I had a marathon of "24" - Season 5. Complete with a late dinner and leftover birthday ice-cream yumminess. (The birthday boy in question would be Kirk...Dec. 29th...let's just say he is firmly in his mid-thirties now...ahem) We watched 5 episodes, finishing up the season. What will I do without my Jack Bauer? Season 6, where are you?

Anyway, despite the newfound quiet comes busyness for my hands and business dealings to still be had. Check out a few of my latest listings in the shop...firstly, The Skinny Ruffle Scarf...Then , The Black Licorice Scarflette...And, The Raspberry Shrug...I really love coming up with new designs. However, The Victorian Neckwarmer continues to be a best-seller, and I promise to get more listed soon! I just have to get on top of custom orders, and then more will be forthcoming. I love, love, love this business venture, and I appreciate the support! Thanks to all of you awesome customers out there!

So, a new year. New things to look forward to, with old dreams to realize, old friends to hang with and have good times. Old loves to continue loving. Kids to watch grow, to love, to kiss, even to discipline at times but overall, to enjoy. This life continues to be so, so good. Happy New Year, everyone.