Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Busyness, Business, and The New Year

So, things have been busy around here (is there really any other way?)! Christmas was awesome. Quiet, good family and food, and just not as over-the-top as we've had in previous years. Hardly any massive, plastic playset with gazillions of pieces. How nice is that? After Christmas we hosted guests - my cousin Marie, her husband Joe and their amazingly cute and cuddly 10 month-old twins, Kate and Adrian. Seriously cute and cuddly. We had an awesome time together, and now all is quiet again. We barely even noticed midnight last night! The kids were put to bed at normal time, Kirk and I had a marathon of "24" - Season 5. Complete with a late dinner and leftover birthday ice-cream yumminess. (The birthday boy in question would be Kirk...Dec. 29th...let's just say he is firmly in his mid-thirties now...ahem) We watched 5 episodes, finishing up the season. What will I do without my Jack Bauer? Season 6, where are you?

Anyway, despite the newfound quiet comes busyness for my hands and business dealings to still be had. Check out a few of my latest listings in the shop...firstly, The Skinny Ruffle Scarf...Then , The Black Licorice Scarflette...And, The Raspberry Shrug...I really love coming up with new designs. However, The Victorian Neckwarmer continues to be a best-seller, and I promise to get more listed soon! I just have to get on top of custom orders, and then more will be forthcoming. I love, love, love this business venture, and I appreciate the support! Thanks to all of you awesome customers out there!

So, a new year. New things to look forward to, with old dreams to realize, old friends to hang with and have good times. Old loves to continue loving. Kids to watch grow, to love, to kiss, even to discipline at times but overall, to enjoy. This life continues to be so, so good. Happy New Year, everyone.

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