Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cub Scouts, crazy science, and my new coat.

So, the world of Cub Scouts was all new to us this year. Last year, Reed showed little interest in joining (first grade being the first chance to join) and we certainly didn't push it. When school started this year, however, he begged and pleaded for us to let him join. Please please please? Can I can I can I? We agreed to allow him to try it out. Naturally, he is all over anything that has it's own guide book and lots of rules to follow! We had gotten pretty used to an open schedule so it came as a bit of a shock to have weekly meetings, fundraisers, activities, campouts, fieldtrips, etc. But, we've adjusted and he has enjoyed his first year in the scouts. In fact, last night was the "Blue and Gold" banquet for his Pack, attended by all 5 of us and about 100-150 of other scouts and their families. Opening the evening with the flag presentation and the Pledge of Allegiance:
Following dinner he received his Wolf Badge:
The Wolf Den:
Following dinner and awards came the "edu-tainment" of the night - the CAPOW Science Guy. Nothing like a flaming book...or a snowshower made from a fire extinguisher...(don't you love that kid's expression?) ... or Reed and a few others holding the tube of make an evening a little more memorable! What's funny is Kirk had this guy as a chemistry professor in college, and even I saw him do a similar presentation when I was in high school. Pretty entertaining stuff. The crowd favorite was when he blew up a balloon (actually, he did this twice) and the boom was louder than any firework could have done! A good evening in general, though it made for awfully cranky kids by the time we got home.

And, on a completely different note, I got a new spring coat for myself today. I love it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sickness and Cold - These are the Days of Our Lives

Seriously. Will. the. winter. ever. end??? We have been stuck, stuck, stuck in the house for what feels like an eternity, thanks to the everlasting blast of frigid air. Now, that alone leaves the members of this family a bit cranky to begin with (especially the 7 and under crowd) - add a few "no school" days, lovely viral yuckiness (hence another "no school" day), followed by a "snow day" (snow day = "no school" day) ... and we are all just one bunch of happy campers! Sarcasm noted. Fortuantely, child #1 (the harborer of viral yuckiness) was able to get out the door this morning, after being threatened that he may just have to repeat 2nd grade if he didn't go. Kirk was home for awhile this morning and made that particular comment, thus creating a whole extra layer of sarcasm to sugarcoat the frenzied *get out to the!* time.

In spite of the winter blahs around here, we have had one fun project in the works. We are growing little pots of grass, currently sitting in a tray on the kitchen table, which will be used for a Cub Scout banquet centerpiece. Don't ask. Anyway, these little pots are so fun to watch and I hear hourly reports from the girls especially, "look at the grass!" and "see how fast it's growing!" We love to touch it imagine the whole back yard filled, someday, with grass just like it. (Incidentally, I would love to include a photo, but that would involve me getting up out of my cocoon of blankets, fetch the camera, upload photos, etc. Instead, I am choosing to stay warm!)

Yes, I know winter will end. We will have days of sunshine and barefeet and we will complain that it is just. so. hot. For now, I pine for those days!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Studio Friday - The Heart of my Studio

I participated in Studio Friday a long time ago...I'm glad to be back! I enjoy the topics and seeing what everyone has to say.

While I would love to say that the heart of my studio is amazing, stellar, super-inspirational, or the like...I have to be honest. The true heart of my studio is my computer. It is my ever-changing source of inspiration and intrigue. Searching blogs and other indie stores I find so many things that make we want to make stuff. It is my marketplace, my marketing device, my storefront and my link to the world. It is because of this rather uninspiring piece of necessary technology that I have found tutorials that help hone my craft; I have formed links with other artisans; I have put myself and my work out there, and I continue to develop that ongoing relationship with the rest of the world. My computer also makes me humble, showing me that I don't know everything, I can't make anything I desire, and some people really can do it better than me.

In reality I have two computers - one is the laptop pictured (new, still learning the ropes) and one is a desktop (the reliable standby, the workhorse, constantly surrounded by mounds of clutter). I loved changing the focus on the camera to capture the computer itself, then the reflection of the snowy branches outside. In a perfect world, that would be my ultimate heart of my studio!