Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sickness and Cold - These are the Days of Our Lives

Seriously. Will. the. winter. ever. end??? We have been stuck, stuck, stuck in the house for what feels like an eternity, thanks to the everlasting blast of frigid air. Now, that alone leaves the members of this family a bit cranky to begin with (especially the 7 and under crowd) - add a few "no school" days, lovely viral yuckiness (hence another "no school" day), followed by a "snow day" (snow day = "no school" day) ... and we are all just one bunch of happy campers! Sarcasm noted. Fortuantely, child #1 (the harborer of viral yuckiness) was able to get out the door this morning, after being threatened that he may just have to repeat 2nd grade if he didn't go. Kirk was home for awhile this morning and made that particular comment, thus creating a whole extra layer of sarcasm to sugarcoat the frenzied *get out to the!* time.

In spite of the winter blahs around here, we have had one fun project in the works. We are growing little pots of grass, currently sitting in a tray on the kitchen table, which will be used for a Cub Scout banquet centerpiece. Don't ask. Anyway, these little pots are so fun to watch and I hear hourly reports from the girls especially, "look at the grass!" and "see how fast it's growing!" We love to touch it imagine the whole back yard filled, someday, with grass just like it. (Incidentally, I would love to include a photo, but that would involve me getting up out of my cocoon of blankets, fetch the camera, upload photos, etc. Instead, I am choosing to stay warm!)

Yes, I know winter will end. We will have days of sunshine and barefeet and we will complain that it is just. so. hot. For now, I pine for those days!

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