Monday, March 24, 2008

I spy with my little eye...

Have you ever given much thought about all of the little details of life and this world that you typically notice? Like, what things do you notice that I might ignore? Do you always notice typos? Or poor grammar? Or can you pick out architectural details (or flaws) of a given building? Do you notice peoples eyes, or their wedding rings, or the way people walk? I came across this thread last night and was compelled to sit, glued to my chair, until I had read every response! I found it so fascinating to read the rich complexity of details that are so important (or unimportantly obvious, either way) to people as they move through the world.

It really got me to thinking...what things do I notice frequently? Some things I can list easily. Like how I always can hear when a person (or a tv personality, which drives me nuts) misuses the "less/fewer" descriptive. Or crow's feet (you know, the lines around a person's eyes?), especially on the younger-than-40 crowd. I also notice couples holding hands in church, really good amateur photography, and yes, even pantylines (I know this will come back to haunt me, now that everyone will be noticing mine!). I pay attention to knitwear (handmade or by machine? natural fiber or synthetic? ) and I can spot designer fabrics at a distance. When I was a cashier in high school and college I always noticed people's handwriting and women's wedding rings.

So, what do you notice? I'm looking forward to spending the next week or so continuing to "notice what I notice," you know what I mean?

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Shell said...

I recently finished a photoshop class where in class we would all tinker with pictures and afterward each photo, although started out the same, each finished completely different. It is interesting how people see the world.

I spy budding flowers and the colorful houses in my neighborhood. Each time I go for a walk I seem to find new flowers and homes I haven't noticed before.