Thursday, March 6, 2008

A little lull, fashion, and sneaky cooking.

The late winter lull has hit the shop (and me) and things have slowed down here a little bit. That is okay. I still have some projects in the works, but I have also been enjoying a few naps. And tea. And a re-read of Harry Potter #7. And growing some seeds (as well as replanting the grass). And, a cub scout derby car in the works. So the winter lull is a good thing. Focusing on life and household energy while waiting for warm breezes and sunnier evenings.

As for fashion, the Visa has been getting a workout lately with spring shopping for the kids. They have all outgrown their stuff at the same time, so I'm trying my hardest to stay organized and not over-buy. Trying to go for a little better quality and a little less quantity this season.

The Visa gets pulled out in my honor as well, with new jeans at the top of my list. I live in jeans! And finding the right ones is - so - hard. I find it crazy that clothing manufacturers cut misses sizes to be boxy and curveless! Um, aren't we all women? Aren't curves a good thing? Or is it that the runway model doesn't have curves so I shouldn't, either ? My recent pair of Levi's had to come from the juniors department, just to get the proper fit and length! Shopping in juniors was fun when I was 15, but not so much when I'm 32!

OK, on to the sneaky cooking! I know lots of people have heard the buzz lately about Jessica Seinfeld's new book, and the "original" book/idea by Missy Chase Lapine. Now, in general, I am not big on deceiving my kids when it comes to meals. We don't fight at mealtime either (try not to, anyway) so I've come to accept that there are very few foods that all 3 of my kids will eat other than dessert!

Having said that...I was intrigued by the idea when I read the article in Family Fun this month. I really kind of obsessed on the idea for a day or two before I went out and bought the spinach, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and carrots to create a few "veggie purees." I have to say, I have been experimenting a bit and it is crazy that I haven't done this before now! My pediatrician even suggested it back when Reed was little (I believe the question was, 'how do I get him to eat more vegetables?' and she told me to put pureed veggies in marinara and the like). So anyway, I have made brownies with the blueberries and spinach (brownie mix, then added in a scoop of puree) - the finished product was crumbly but moist and still totally brownie-tasting. Yum. I made mac and cheese (Kraft, of course) with the carrot/sweet potato in place of milk and they had no idea. Seriously. I included the same orange mix into muffins - no idea - and tonight we had it in pancakes. Again, clueless. I have decided to start telling them what is inside after they have stated how much they love the food - then maybe they'll start getting the idea that these things aren't gross and that they actually like the taste! In the meantime, they will still have to eat their bites of broccoli and carrots - but this seems so much better than shoving a nasty vitamin in their face and have them start thinking that good nutrition comes from a pill rather than food!

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Joanna Butchart said...

I hide vergetables in my son's food but he does know they are there. He still likes them hidden though. Quite happy to eat a courgette blitzed up in tomato sauce with pasta but not when it has been actually served on his plate so that he can see all of its green lovliness!!!!!!!!!!!!