Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Walk for The Old Girl

Does this dog look happy to you?

She is happy, she told me so right after our walk this afternoon. You see, it has been a very, very long winter here in Nebraska and Lucy The Weimaraner has barely ventured beyond the backyard. For several reasons, really, one being that I don't walk the neighborhood in the winter. Sorry, but I'm a chicken when it comes to the cold. And another reason is that poor Lucy is getting older, you see. She is ten and a half, which is downright geriatric for a dog her size. So, no walks lately. And some bum hips that frankly had us wondering recently if she would ever go for a walk again.

Today, though, the hips were okay. There was some sunshine and a light breeze and a twinkle in her eye that begged, "please, take me out!" So, we went out. Ears pricked forward and nose bent to the ground (um, that would be hers, not mine), we traipsed around the block. She stopped at nearly every fire hydrant, lamppost, and bush, too, sniffing for all of the lucky dogs who have been privileged enough to go for wintertime walks. I was on the lookout for spring bulbs, though they are not to be found just yet. Really, it ended up feeling so nice out that we maybe could have gone further, but our route took us in a neat little circle and I figured I'd be easy on her today. Good thing. She's limping again slightly and her back leg muscles are all atwitter. But look at that smile! Yep, she sure is happy. The tail still wags whenever I look her way, like a little thank you note that is thumped out in a rhythm on the floor.

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