Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Crafty Mama to the Rescue

It is 7:00 am. A bleary-eyed five year-old enters your bedroom, sits down next to her laundry basket (which is filled to the brim with clean, yet-to-be-put-away-clothes) and says, "Mom? Remember it's career day at school? I have to wear something like what I want to be when I grow up."

Me - "OK............."
Her - "What does an architect wear?"
Loving Brother - "You're going to look stupid!"
Me, to Loving Brother - "Hush! And don't say 'stupid!'"
Me, to Her - "Well, we could put a nametag on your shirt that says Head about that?" (Because we don't have a construction hard hat...duh, this should have been planned better)

Then, a few minutes later:

Her - "I won't be an architect today. I'll be a singer instead!"
Me - "ummm...can singers wear jeans?"
Her - "yeah, but what else?"

Me (with trumpets joyfully sounding in the background, erstwhile a giant lightbulb pops over my head with my brilliant idea) - "I know! You need a microphone and headphones. Then you will look like a singer!"

And then, in between cleaning up the breakfast dishes, packing a lunch, and signing a reading log, I fashion the microphone. I cut the paper towel roll (after unrolling all of the towels) in half, wad up a bunch of aluminum foil into a ball, and duct tape the ball to the top of the roll. Finish with lots of duct tape over the whole creation, and voila! Instant microphone. Add a set of headphones with the cord tucked into her jeans pocket (because the CD player was NOT going to school, after all) and we had one pint-sized someday singer on our hands.

She was so, so excited. As was I, noting that at least on this day, my creative mojo just happened to be sitting right under my skin. That's right, Crafty Mama to the rescue.

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