Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Etsy Featured Artists - Day Two - For Your Body, For Your Home

Let me ask, who doesn't love to be pampered? Sure, it's easy enough to walk into any drug store and find lots of products that promise to cleanse, soften the skin, make you smell good, etc. But have you checked the list of ingredients on those products? Yes, they typically have a long list of chemical agents, which come from who knows where. And what does it do to lab animals? Hmmm. Isn't all-natural better?

Enter Etsy and the amazing range of all natural bath and body products! That's right, no chemicals, no funny ingredients, just wonderful products designed to pamper and delight you! And no lab animals in sight (thank goodness).


Featuring nettiescrub , where you will find all natural soaps, balms, soy candles, and scrubs. I'm sure they smell as amazing as they look!
And, pampering for the home. Our homes are our haven, our place to rest and refresh (see above) and yes, it's important to have beautiful things there, too! You can find many, many types of housewares and kitchenware on Etsy, from aprons to pottery. I have a special place in my heart for pottery considering I dabbled in it awhile back! I know how difficult it is to get a piece to come out just right, from the wheel to the kiln to the table.


Featuring CrAcKpOtS , where you will find pizza stones, unique bowls and serving pieces for the home. The ultimate partnership of function and beauty!
So go ahead, pamper yourself and your home. Etsy will help you do both!

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