Monday, April 28, 2008

Play time, work time

Check it out - I got a new little gadget to play around with! I ventured to my camera store this morning, in search of info on macro lenses. I have really been wanting to include some extreme close-ups in my photos, especially listings in the shop. I just think those shots are so cool! Anyway, as I suspected, macros are wayyyyyyy too much for my budget at the moment. Dropping $500 just isn't in the cards! I was literally about ready to walk out (the sales "man" was probably 10 years younger than me and apparently didn't know what else he could offer besides a brochure), when the seasoned sales man who has been there forever stepped up. Ma'am? Have you ever heard of close-up filters? Long story short, I bought a lovely set of filters for $50 (yes! now that's my price range!) and have been playing around with them this afternoon. Seriously. Watch out kids, momma is coming in for the closeup!
Of course life can't be all play and no work, which I have been doing lots of in the past few days. I have introduced a new line of totes, "The Market Bag / Eco-Tote," designed for shopping and to replace the need for paper or plastic. I have a set in the works for myself (isn't it always hard to take time to make things for yourself?) - just need to decide on colors and patterns. I did sell one of these last week, about 45 minutes after it was listed. Love it when that happens!


Hook It Up! Jewelry said...

Love the photos!! The colors are so rich and the lines are crisp. I cannot wait to see more :)

ching said...

hi Jenny you have a beautiful and interesting blog :)
I will check back often.. let me bookmarked you :)

knitsational said...

I love your reversible bags. You have a lovely blog!

Callooh Callay said...

What a great thing--I haven't played with filters in years (time to get some for my new camera, I think). Love the tote too!