Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some good shopping

Busy, busy morning with shopping, shopping, volunteering, and more shopping. All in all some good finds! I got a load from this store, my go-to for inexpensive kids' clothes. Because really, my kids are so hard on clothes (especially my girls, who manage stains out of thin air I swear) - it is just not worth it to buy even from the Gap. (Unless they are on major sale, like the chino's I found there today for $13 - and those will only be going to and from church). If they're going to trash a shirt, I'd rather it be one that cost $5, not $25! My best find from this place was a RockBand t-shirt for Reed. He was so excited to see it!

This store has tons of tees on sale also. Like for $2.50? Can't pass that up. Especially considering they will be air-stained by next week.

And, this place had an awesome black knit sleeveless dress that somehow managed to come home with me. Seriously - so comfortable - I think I will be living in it all summer.

Oh, and the other great find of the week? My new silver flip-flops. They are awesome, and my toes are now so happy it is spring. Sorry, I'm not revealing the source of this happiness!

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