Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Afternoon decadence

I admit, I have the biggest sweet tooth around and honestly, it can be pretty tough to resist the urge. Cookies, cakes, ice cream - oh, I love them. But, a few years ago I took off the baby weight and have successfully kept it off! So you wanna know my secret? I am in love with these, specifically the new Dark Double Chocolate version. I mean, seriously, it's not only chocolate, but it's dark chocolate. Why would I ever want to snack on yucky cookies from a box when I can indulge in these, every single afternoon? It was the Zone diet that helped me lose the baby weight, and ZonePerfect has been instrumental in giving me a tasty alternative during my lack-of-willpower moments (which is all the time, basically).

But what do I drink while indulging, you ask? I just dare you to try the Dark Double Chocolate with a hot cup of tea from this place. Oh. My. Lemon Chiffon and Raspberry Mint Melody are my current favorites. The citrus-y flavor paired with the chocolate is, really, almost sinful.

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