Saturday, May 3, 2008

Etsy Featured Artists - Day Five - Fine Art

Over the past few days I have helped show the plethora of beautiful clothing, accessories, jewelry, and various functional objects for house and home and life in general that can be found in the pages of Etsy. One area not covered yet is that of art. Yes, fine art! And yes, you can find that, too, available for purchase on Etsy!

Certainly, one huge section of fine art you will find on Etsy is anything involved with painting, prints of original works, and other wallhangings. From landscapes to abstract art, big (whole wall) to small (baseball card size!), incredibly expensive to just a few dollars - do a search for your interests and you are bound to find some new original art to adorn your home or office.

Featuring chingteoh, an artist from Malaysia who creates amazing original paintings that are masterpieces of color and texture. Just by looking at the photographs, I want to reach out and touch!

A few months ago I was introduced to the idea of paper cutting here, but was so busy that I never had the opportunity to try it. So I was completely impressed when I found the next featured shop and I can only imagine the hours that go into the creation of these gorgeous pieces.


Featuring papercutsbyjoe, where each piece is hand-cut from black paper and mounted against a white background. He has a variety of designs, but I am so into the two pictured here - symmetry and ornate detail, done to perfection!

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Joe said...

I have these both hanging up on my wall here in the living room:) It's really fun to have others appreciate them. They were fun to make and I appreciate being featured in your amazing blog! Thanks!