Sunday, May 4, 2008

Etsy Featured Artists - Day Six - Paper Goods

Here we are, the final installment of Etsy Featured Artists! Today's topic is paper goods, one of my favorite things to shop for. I am the kind of person that gets excited when wandering through the most boring of office supply stores (I know, it's a sickness) and I start thinking, "envelopes! I need envelopes! And look - stacks of blank notebooks! And paperclips and labels and folders, oh my!" So please, just imagine for a moment how giddy I was when I came across the next two shops, which feature cool (and pretty!) office supplies and funky cards as well. Oh, my!

The Purple Pear

Featuring thePurplePear, home of "sweet little products that will brighten your day." Yes, indeed. Why not replace your refrigerator magnets (you know, the ones you get from your realtor?) with some of these little pretties? Go on, do it! Your fridge will thank you!


And for those who always need a cool notecard, check out InkspotWorkshop. You can even find personalized items as well as custom invitations and announcements. Don't you just love the ice cream card?

Thank you for reading along and checking out these cool shops over this last week. For those of you who have just been introduced to the wonders of Etsy, welcome to the world of handmade goods! Happy shopping!

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