Thursday, May 8, 2008

Here comes the sun...

First, an update in the blog design. A fresh look for a new season!

We spent some seriously good-quality time outdoors last weekend - the first where it really, truly felt like spring. Isn't that just the best? When the trees have that lovely green haze around them as the leaves bud out, and the early-blooming shrubs are in their springtime glory? I couldn't help but break out the camera and try to capture some of the magic. First, take a look at our incredible Korean Spice Viburnum. The scent on these is insane...way better (and much more intense) than lilac. Is that even possible? I never would have believed it until some up-close fiddling with the camera just about knocked me over with the glorious, heaven-like scent! It's worth a trip to your local nursery just to check these out!

And what would outdoor play be without the swings? All I have been hearing lately (from the 3 year-old) is "Mommmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee, can you swing meeeeeeeeeeeeee?"

An impromtu golf session in the back - pretty hard to hit off the grass, so each had one of Dad's tees. It was a dangerous couple of minutes, when balls were flying every which way!

Shooting hoops in the driveway...finally he is old enough to chase after the ball when it goes rolling down into the street (and I don't have a heart attack anymore when this happens...this is a huge breakthrough for me).

What have you been up to lately in the great outdoors???
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