Monday, May 19, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Mothers Day, to me...

Yesterday I got to enjoy a sweet Christmas present - a lesson in old-fashioned pie making, just me and my mom. We made a rhubarb pie, with meringue. It was a lovely afternoon, and I must say the pie tastes lovely, too. Oh, and I got to bring home a big bunch of lilacs. Does a spring day get any better than that? Rhubarb pie and lilacs? I think not.

And, my Mother's Day present is coming to me tomorrow, in the form of a cleaning service. I have let the housework slide dreadfully, and instead of gifty-gifts for Mother's Day I asked for a cleaning service instead! They're only coming once (darn!) but will do a deep, deep clean. Like hands-and-knees-floor-scrubbing, and ceiling fan dusting, and all sorts of other unseemly projects. Of course, I'm the kind of person who feels it necessary to clean for the cleaning people, so tonight we were busy putting away laundry, helping the kids clean their rooms (what a mess that was!) and trying to at least manage the clutter. Because really, how can someone deep clean my house when the carpet is a mine-field of lego bits and Polly Pocket shoes?

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