Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The seemingly impossible transition to summertime relaxation...

As of last Friday, my kids are officially on summer break. Great, right? Now there is plenty of time to kick back, enjoy lazy days, work on random fun projects, etc. Just what summer is all about! But for us, so far, it has been difficult. Very, very difficult.

Grace's new deal: she has just discovered the wonder of scissors and tape. Which means she is constantly asking, "Mommy, I need three pieces of tape." "Why do you need three?" "Because I do." Then, about 27 seconds later, "Mommy, I need four more." "Mommy, we're out of tape. I NEED MORE TAPE!!" And on and on it goes, until her "picture" is practically distorted because of all of the layers of tape. Someone please buy me stock in Scotch tape.

Interspersed with tape requests is Lauren, asking for the umpteenth time for me to make her a set of beanbags. Granted, it was my idea a few days ago to repurpose a snagged pair of leggings into purple-flowered beanbags...she has been hounding me to make them ever since. "Mom, can you please teach me to sew and we can make my beanbags together?" And general naughtiness has been following her around as well - we've already had several incidents of foul language and nastiness to others.

And then there is Reed, who is practically distraught because he is already bored of summer. He requires action, you see, and wants special things to happen every day of summer. "Do we have anything special for breakfast? What about lunch? Anything special for lunch? And, Mom, are we doing anything fun and special today???" Now, I'm thinking that getting to sleep in til 8:00 am and having NOTHING on the calendar for the day is pretty special...but to him this is slow torture. Books are usually my salvation with him, but how do I keep him stocked in books when he reads them so fast? We bought The Hobbit and The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood just last Friday, and he's already done with them.

At least there is a new membership to Lifetime Fitness for us to use (not when kids are sick, though, and we've had a little of that as well) - fortunately it's close and the pool is great. The library will be a great place once the "first-days-of-summer" crush is over. And, just today I booked a little vacation for myself to go to Boston in July, to visit my cousin/sister/bestest friend ever - because it's summer vacation after all, and I need the relaxation to start already!

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