Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taking a Break...

We're in full summer mode around here and I can hardly keep my head on straight! It's a wonder anything gets done, seriously. And not like we've been super busy, but I think it's having craziness (aka kids) swirling around 24/7 that makes my brain hurt by 9 pm! So, after a lot of thought I have decided to take a blog break for the next month or so. Probably until school starts again, and the craziness has subsided (when they go back to school!). I may post here or there, who knows. But in the meantime I plan to be busy with work, with an upcoming family reunion, with an awesome upcoming trip to Boston, with summer camps, with many ventures to the pool, with my birthday (ahem, in July, thank you), and with lots of mindless yet super fun creative ventures with the kiddos. Happy summer to you!

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