Friday, August 15, 2008

changes, they are a-comin'

Remember a week or two ago, when I hinted at big changes for the little girls in our lives? Well, I wasn't kidding. At ages four (well, she'll be four tomorrow) and six, they love to play together. Sure, they fight, but the lines are constantly blurring about whose toys are whose, which clothes belong to which girl, etc.

So, sneaky mom that I am, I have been planting hints this summer about how fun it would be for them to share a room. They could have bunkbeds! And they could choose the paint color! And wouldn't it be so fun! Because then, hint hint, Grace's old room would become THE ART STUDIO. Seriously, both girls ooohhhed and aaahhhed over that prospect. They are never two steps away from paper, markers, and scissors, so the idea of us girls sharing a whole room devoted to crafting was very, very appealing. And, I have been antsy to graduate from my closet work space (that would be my ulterior motive, of course).

I almost thought it would never happen.

And then, it did.

Lauren (whose room has now become The Girls Room) suddenly had a lightbulb moment and she fully understood how cool it would be to have THE ART STUDIO. And she just changed her mind, like that. She started begging me to make the changes, to get the ball rolling.

And so, I did. First we moved Grace's top mattress, then after a few days we moved the rest of her bed. Followed by clothes, her bookcase, etc. Little steps, considering I did not want to haul an entire room-full of clothes and toys and books only to find out our experiment had gone south!

The plan is working. They are doing fantastic with the set-up, and last weekend we made the leap and bought bunkbeds. They are learning the art of compromise and are frankly demonstrating more sisterly love than they ever have. Shared space, shared experience, shared lives.

Oh, and the picture above? That shows the new paint color, which little hands helped paint this morning. Their plan is to have walls that are the sky, and white clouds, and a big rainbow. Just perfect for two sweet little girls.
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tagisa said...

Sneaky sneaky!!! But I like it! I hope your new art studio turns out nice!