Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some random bits.

First, I admitted to my group in MOPS today that my family is insisting I am turning into my great-grandmothers. Now, I don't think that's a bad thing, and neither do they really. It's just my recent foray into, say, pickle-making, or jam-making (yes, bread is on the horizon as well) that has them suspicious that there is a little-old-lady lurking within me.

Instead of taking it as an insult (because I am a modern woman, after all), I am embracing that inner old-lady and I am going to make a quilt. Many of you know that quilt-making is actually not that "old lady" as it used to be perceived. Many young, hip women (ahem) have taken up the craft and are putting their own sophisticated, modern spin into it. Enter Denyse Schmidt. A leading artist in the quilting world, she has this amazing book which to me is really eye candy. I just flip from page to page and my heart flutters at the colors and design of it all. Everything is slightly askew. There are no true right angles. Clean lines and simple design (isn't that in my shop mantra?). So, here is a look at some of the fabrics for my project. Oh, and they are from Denyse's awesome "Katie Jump Rope" line.As I was taking this photo yesterday, it also dawned on me how not too long ago I had a perfectly clean and lovely dining room table. Alas, no more. Please enjoy the view in all of it's cluttered, imperfect glory. (And that giant roll of paper? That has my quilt pattern, ready to be cut and made into templates).Of course, I had to shove the roll of paper off to one side when the mail came. Oh, how I love it when I get an envelope full of possibilities in the mail.And finally, after coming to terms with the disaster that is the dining room table, I trooped into the kitchen to take some product shots for this. I thought I'd show an unedited shot, so you can actually see how with a little cropping you can take a goofball-looking photo into something that is at least presentable for the masses. In particular, don't you love my photo assistant in the lower right corner? Usually she's on the phone and taking notes (as all good assistants do) but here she decided she needed a little break, apparently.

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