Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Five things I'm loving today.

I'm inspired by Amanda's post on the same subject - here they are, in no particular order!

1. Wearing dresses over jeans. Or leggings, like I did the other day. There is really no mystery why little girls enjoy dresses so much, so naturally this mama should get in on some comfy goodness as well!

2. Having a wholesale order that is just about complete. Buffe, if you happen to read this, it has been so fun working with you! Best of luck at the holiday mart...can't wait to see what next week brings!

3. When the the pigs, chickens, panda, zebra, and baby elephant all get along and play so nicely together.

4. Having a kid who is just as much into these books as I am. Seriously. It's cool watching a kid grow up. Fun when they start to walk, awesome when they start to talk. But when they learn to read? Oh my. Amazing . The conversations we are able to have, like the other day when he asked me "Mom, who is your favorite character in the Harry Potter books? Besides Harry. And Hermione. Or Ron. They just don't count, mom, because everybody loves them. Me? I like Dumbledore. And Dobby. But my friend Jag? Well, he likes Percy the best. Who knows why. So, Mom? Who do you think? " And on and on we go. So totally fun.
5. This face. Specifically, as it lays cuddled up against one of my nice Pottery Barn pillows. She will snuggle up to anything soft...we've even caught her literally hugging stuffed bunnies and kitties.
Tell me, what are you loving today?

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Anonymous said...

I love wearing dresses over jeans, and that face in last pic is priceless. If you check out my blog post yesterday I have one similar with my baby by the fire.