Friday, October 31, 2008

The long afternoon.

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, when your child(ren) are in a constant, slow whine, Yes, you know what I mean. Well, I had one of those yesterday. It was like having teeth pulled. And yet I still managed to witness moments of sweetness - how is a child capable of this? Of being a little wolverine who kicks and hits and is mouthy and then the next moment is caught up in just a breathtaking moment of...sweetness? I think I lost that capability long ago. It seems like when angered, (or when I feel like a wolverine myself) it takes me a looong time to simmer down. To collect myself. To be sweet.

Because it was such a long afternoon yesterday, filled with the aforementioned kicking and hitting and whining, I tried to do some fun things with Grace. Like, bake Christmas cookies while listening to Christmas music (don't worry, I'm not a freak, I know today is Halloween...but I was desperate and these are only destined for the freezer!). Or how about bubbles, and counting ladybugs (that are literally everywhere these days), or what about jumping in the leaves? It made for a very long afternoon, trying to come up with more and more fun stuff. Because frankly, our afternoons are often more mundane, with quiet play and crafting and maybe a little Curious George (book or tv, either is great). Here are a few images of those fleeting moments of sweetness.Yes, even when faced with a four year-old wolverine, I can be convinced to sit in the leaves myself. And be sweet.

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amy said...

I'm with ya. it's amazing how threatening to take away her lipgloss will turn a whine off. I use all my arsenal on those days.