Sunday, October 26, 2008

Notes from Sunday.

1. Recharged for the week.
2. Made a dessert which my dad described aptly as "death in a pan" (oreos+butter+cream cheese + powdered sugar+cool whip + vanilla pudding )
3. Had a spatially-challenged cashier who insisted on throwing cans of beans and chicken broth on top of bread and chips. Grrr.
4. Turned a semi-deaf ear to excited household chatter revolving around the new Guitar Hero.
5. Saw what looked like snowflakes whiz past the window.
6. Discussed future product ideas with my mom.
7. Completely spaced the coming deadline for the Daisy troop fundraiser (oops)
8. Enjoyed a house that was completely dusted and vacuumed this weekend.

These are all pretty random...I also managed some awesome hugs, a few kisses, received a flattering compliment, and counted my blessings. What have you had going on today?

1 comment:

amy said...

helped build a dog house, weeded (ugh), laundry, grocery shopping, good cookout and bonfire with friends, kids, pets, marshmallows, etc., late getting some very sleepy kids to bed.