Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few things.

1. It's not even Thanksgiving, yet already I am feeling like I am behind in holiday prep. Why does this hit earlier every year? (side note: is Thanksgiving a forgotten holiday? I love this holiday and it drives me crazy that Christmas marketing starts even before Halloween!)
2. Today I shipped something to the complete opposite end of the globe - Australia!
3. In attempting to complete said shipping, I tried to merge two tasks (shipping + groceries) and took my package to Hy-Vee (local grocery store that does postal services from the customer service desk). I was unlucky enough to go to the one location that doesn't do international shipping. Every other store in town does. It's my kind of luck to find the only one that does NOT.
4. Fortunately, the preschooler-in-tow was in a decent mood and the post office was nearby. The good people at that branch always take care of me!
5. Unrelated, we stopped by the yarn store before attempting the grocery/shipping thing. My fingers are craving the good stuff lately (something handspun? alpaca? Peruvian highland wool?) but I just can't figure out quite what I want. I may have to search online and really figure out what I want to make.
6. Found this shop today. Love it. Have purchased.
7. Got a bee in my bonnet to make these. Good-bye Zone diet, hello holiday indulgence!
8. Have you noticed I like lists these days?
9. Looking forward to an afternoon with Kirk (no kids!) tomorrow. Excellent!

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