Monday, November 17, 2008

A new toy (for me).

I have wanted to try my hand at spinning (yarn that is, not on a bike!) for a long time. So, I bought myself a kit last week. It arrived Friday and since the husband was occupied after kids went to bed (playing Gears of War on the X Box - that's his idea of a toy) I got out all of my goodies to give it a go. Hmmm, is that a bit of alliteration for your reading pleasure?

The kit came with a drop spindle, some white wool, and two bags of wool/mohair/alpaca fiber. Six ounces in all, I think. I watched some YouTube videos which were definitely helpful. And then, I spun. It was not easy!

My first batch came out really thick (and used up all of my white wool) but I think it will be usable. I'm thinking I need a winter hat, and I hope this will be enough. It's spun and wound into two small skeins at the moment, then will need to be set in hot water and hung to dry. Then I can use it!

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