Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some blog cosmetics.

I'm sitting here messing around with my blog settings and realizing how tech-challenged I am! Really, it is fortunate I married a computer guy. Although his talent is more in making something work, not so much in making it pretty. And what frustrates me completely is that I can't make my blog look the way I want it! (which is pretty!) Frankly I'm at a loss, so bear with me while it is in it's "minimalist" phase. (And, why doesn't blogger have more than 10 or so template options? Come on!)

So, besides the look of the blog I have updated a few bits on the sidebar as well. The lyrics are from one of my favorite Christmas songs, written (as far as I can tell) by James Taylor and is on A Christmas Album. Love, love love that album! Listened to it for the first time this afternoon - jazzy and mellow and perfect. If you click the link you can scroll down and listen to clips.

Another new feature is the "Followers" section. I am pretty sure I have more than one follower. Please? Tell me I do! If you happen to subscribe to this blog's feed and you don't show up on the followers, I think you can click the icon and be listed. It's a great way to link to your own blog as well! And if you do subscribe here but haven't left a comment, I encourage you to do so! I love reading comments and I will soon have a giveaway and/or discount for all who follow and/or comment! Stay tuned!

Finally, some images of the afternoon. It's cold outside so the warm light flooding into the workspace was welcome indeed.A new project I will be working on slowly, over the winter. A quilt using this cheater panel, all from Denyse Schmidt's County Fair. It will be slow work, as it will all be quilted by hand. I see lots of evenings with this spread on my lap!Finally, it's a good day indeed when the kids decide they all need showers and jammies by 2:30 pm. All inspired by Grace's new pj's, which state "I'm on the nice list." Hmmm...we'll see!


Jennifer said...

when i first started my blog, my whole goal was to figure out how to customize blogger templates. i had no clue how to "make it pretty". i figured out most of it just by googling tutorials for what i was trying to do and there is TONS of info out there with step by step instructions. i am still far from an expert on blog templates/web design/html, but feel free to ask if you need some help and can't find answers and i'll do what i can to help!

Jenny said...

Thanks, I'll have to do some research! I just wish I had patience for this kind of stuff!