Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This morning I was inspired and all fired up to write a lengthy post today about the trappings of holiday shopping, the insanity of mall mentality and about the craziness of early-morning Black Friday deals. Alas, I am too tired to write of those things. Just know that I am very opinionated on the subject!

Instead, I sit here with a cramp in my arm from working on the Thanksgiving table runner (still a work in progress, I will take photos only if it turns out!), my feet are a little tired from standing in the kitchen all afternoon, and there is a vague potato-y, pecan-y, spicy sort of smell to the house. Oh, and I have my new handspun yarn looped over my left arm, ready to be rolled in a ball while I watch The Amazing Race in a little while.

My Thanksgiving plan this year (we are hosting, btw) has been to keep the chaos to a minimum. I love cooking and baking but I don't like being rushed and my kitchen is really only big enough for one person to comfortably work on food. So, my celery and onion are chopped, french bread has been toasted and cubed for tomorrow's stuffing, a pecan pie is under foil, and the most heavenly mashed potatoes are sitting in a crock in the fridge, just waiting to be reheated tomorrow. Tom the Turkey is also sitting in the sink and draining water from the defrost process (and who knows what else is draining) - he will be patted down and stuck in the fridge as well soon.

My hope is that by doing a lot of prep work tonight, tomorrow will be better spent with my family - watching the parade, eating some morning yummies with good strong coffee, getting the table just so, and chatting with my folks and Kirk's dad and brother. I want to be able to be present for Thanksgiving, not just be the cook. It should be a good time!

Wishing you all peace and a thankful heart. We are so, so lucky! Look at that...I did write a lengthy post after all!

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