Friday, November 14, 2008

The ultimate comfort confection.

Yesterday I said I have been wanting to make these...well, the bee kept buzzing and so last night I gave it a whirl. Do I really need fudge-covered marshmallows around the house? No, but sometimes my creative itch in the kitchen (OK, my sweet tooth also) gets the better of me.

First, the marshmallows were really easy to make. I never would have thought to make my own marshmallows until I saw these on Martha's show about a year ago. With a candy thermometer (a must) and a Kitchenaid mixer, I don't see how they would be hard to mess up. Especially when the mixer does all the hard work! I put the fluff in the pan last night to let them set up and they came out beautifully.

Today's job was to make the fudge, which I knew would be trickier. I mean, I have made fudge lots of times and it always turns out great, but this was fudge that needed to be thin enough to dip marshmallows into. Not so easy. At first they were a total mess because my fudge cooled down and thickened quickly. Fortunately, no children were home at the time to witness me cursing under my breath as I glopped one after the other. I decided to put it back on the stove, on low, and when reheated I was able to do a better job. Still messy and sticky but a much quicker job (and, less cursing).

To be totally forthright and honest, here is a look at one of the messy ones. Not pretty but still yummy!And, here is Martha's version. I don't think I did too badly, considering.
The true test will come tonight, when the kids try them out after dinner!

p.s. Dad, I still like your fudge the best!

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Jennifer said...

those look delicious! i can't wait to make holiday fudge. i love having an excuse to make ridiculous amounts of chocolate goodness. :)