Monday, December 29, 2008

Before, during, and after.

The last week has been a whirlwind, even though we haven't traveled anywhere. Some days have seemed crazy and others quiet, and in the mix we had a wonderful Christmas. A pre-holiday trip to Urgent Care resulted in a single stitch to the temple of one child, followed by another trip to the doctor three days later (same child) for an ear infection. Add in some snow, an ice storm, an extra day off of school for the kids (thanks to the snow/ice), two weeks of vacation for the husband, some bitter cold days, followed by a spring-like thaw. No wonder it's felt like a whirlwind!

Here, a look at the snow, before the ice hit.

Then, Christmas! Preschoolers at church sang several songs which was adorable, of course. Kirk got this shot during rehearsal and I love it, even though Grace is not in the frame!Kirk and I managed, again, to enjoy time together on Christmas Eve after the kids were in bed. Some Christmas tunes and the makings of monkey bread for the morning made this a relaxing and special part of our evening.
Here, a simple microwave rice pillow, scented with mint and lavender essential oils - I made this one for myself (I know, crazy to actually make something for myself!) - and I managed to make one for everyone else in the family as their handmade gift from me. The best part is that the kids love them. They're great for cold feet at night!
And speaking of making things, check out what my amazing husband made for me this year. That's right, I said made for me! I wanted a handmade, tied fleece blanket and I didn't want to have to make it for myself. So with a bit of instruction (remember that trip to the fabric store?) he whipped this up and it is fantastic. Huge, warm, and how cool that it has Snoopy on it?Finally, one of the favorite gifts from Santa (given to Grace) was a digital camera. A V-Tech Kidizoom camera, to be exact. She loves it and has taken some pretty cool pictures! Here you can see her Barbie still life, as well as a self-portrait. I love the grainy, art-schooly look. And what a gift to us to see the world through her eyes for a change.p.s. I really want to share the details of my gift exchange with Kirk this year. We had some rules to follow, causing us to think outside the box a bit. Soon, I promise!
p.p.s. Happy Birthday, Kirk! You know I love you. You're so good to us. And what can I are the MML. Maybe someday I'll get that printed on a t-shirt for you!


Sherilyn said...

First, I love the picture of the preschoolers at church since I can see Camden in it. I didn't even catch a glimpse of him during the service. Can you e-mail it to me?? Second, thanks for not sharing too many of the details of your adult time on Christmas Eve!! :-) Third, now you have to tell us all what MML stands for. I am thinking of a lot of different things it could be but don't think I've stumbled upon the right one yet!!

Jill said...

Grace & Makenna can be photographers together. We got Makenna the exact same camera for Christmas! It was amazing how fast she figured it out & I love going through the pictures she took! :)