Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas books.

A few days (weeks?) ago I mentioned the tradition we have of giving new Christmas books to the kids on December 1st. We were lucky that each of the picks this year were a huge hit! Here are the titles:

Can You See What I See? The Night Before Christmas by Walter Wick - Grace received this book, and despite a few moments of dramatics when she claimed she "hated" it, I think it has actually gone over pretty well. How's that for preschool logic? The book is set up like an I Spy book, with lots of beautiful pictures to find hidden objects. Some of the things are pretty hard to find, so we usually take one page per sitting.

Kids in the Holiday Kitchen by Jessica Strand and Tammy Massman-Johnson - This book went to Lauren and her reaction upon opening was priceless! We have had a lot of fun looking through the beautifully photographed pages to pick out some recipes to try. If you click the link, notice the cute marshmallow snowman on the cover - we just made these a little while ago to have for dessert tonight!

Santa Claus by Rod Green - When Reed opened this, he hesitated for a moment thinking the book was a picture book (in 8 year-old speak this would equate to a "baby" book). I simply told him, "Trust me. You'll love it." And, he does. It is a gorgeous fold-out book filled with all of the minute details of Santa's life and the goings-on of the North Pole. For a kid who is on the fence about Santa, this might extend the belief in Santa for another season. Or, for a kid like Reed who knows the truth about Santa, this book will surely reengage their imagination and let them know that it is really fun to continue to dream about Santa! He has read it cover to cover and claims it is "awesome."

Any good titles new to your house this year? Please share!

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