Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Santa.

Dear Santa,

How are the reindeer I hope their not sick. When you come and vist me be sure to wake me up. The elfs better not be pulling pranks on other elfs like glueing each other on to a seat stuff like that. I hope Mrs. Claus is makeing some yummy sugar cookies that have good frosting. I've also heard that elfs are very sneaky so you may want to have an elf keep guard. I've heard that the weather will be very snowie so you may want to wear double winter coats. And I've been very good and sometimes bad and my mom will send you my Christmas list soon.

Your friend,

**a third grade assignment, brought home last week...I kept the spelling/punctuation accurate to the letter...and I especially like the part about "sneaky elfs!"**

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