Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Friends are lovely, aren't they? They keep you company, and make you laugh, and share bits of your life as though treasures. If you're really lucky, you also have at least one friend who you talk to or share things with constantly (I belive this is your best friend, or BFF for the text-happy folks). I am lucky to have someone like that in my life!

Yet, friends come and go, too. I am aware of this every year when I look over the list for Christmas cards. Maybe there were friendships of circumstance (having kids in the same class) or were part of a now-defunct playgroup. As much as I value my friends, I am sometimes glad to let these pass. It's okay, they were for a purpose and now that purpose is gone. Or we may vaguely keep in touch, but that's all.

What is fun and surprising is when an old friend walks back into your life. And you remember that your friendship didn't start out simply due to circumstances but it was because you really liked each other. And had fun. And did stupid stuff (if you were young together). And maybe it was circumstances that let you drift apart...but isn't it awesome to come back together and realize that you know exactly why you were friends with this person in the first place?

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