Friday, December 19, 2008


I have been photo tagged by my good friend Sherilyn - apparently the rules are to go to your photo files and open the fourth picture. Easier said than done, considering the mountains of picture files I have (as in, which file would I choose?), not to mention archive upon archive of photos. And, I thought about doing this on my laptop which would mean using the stock picture files that came with the computer - because I have no images of my own on there! So, for a moment, imagine the perfect stock-photo picture of serenity, of a deep blue ocean and a long dock, reaching out to the water's edge....pretty, right?

This one...well, not so much.
I think I was making glassware for someone out of town, and probably took the picture to show the options in glasses. That, or I was trying to decide just how thirsty I really was!

So now I have to tag someone else...OK, I'll tag Robyn, Amy, and Jennifer. I sure hope you ladies have better 4th photos than I do!

p.s. Maybe tomorrow I'll upload the ocean/dock image. It really is quite a lovely one, even if it isn't my own!

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Sherilyn said...

Thanks for playing. :-)