Sunday, December 21, 2008

Video games.

I would seriously love to ban Guitar Hero from the household. Kirk and Reed love it, but it sets me on edge. I can rarely even sit in the room while it's being played! Like right now, Kirk is playing a "gig"and all I wanted to do was curl up in a chair, in my warm family room (while sipping a little cocktail) and finish reading the paper. But no sooner did I sit down than the screeching, frenetic guitar/drum craziness erupted! I asked, nicely, to please finish soon. But then I'm told "I'm only two songs away from finishing. I can't stop now." So, I removed myself upstairs while my nerves settle a little. I mean, I'm not asking for Brahms instead - just a chance to sit where I want without risk of a nervous breakdown!

Someday, in the next house, there will be a room for all such "toys." To be kept contained, and away from me!

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Robyn said...

Sister, I feel your pain!! We DO NOT have Guitar Hero, but succumbed to the Wii plea this year. Wii are so tired of the Wii that this Mii would like to ban all electronics from the house!