Friday, December 5, 2008

Worlds are colliding!

I felt like George Costanza today when I announced to Kirk, in the middle of a fabric store (yes, I did say Kirk was in a fabric store) that "worlds are colliding!" Because, to be out with my husband in the early afternoon on a Friday (without kids) is cause enough for concern. But to be in a fabric store together? Chatting about how quilts are put together and how those fleece tie blankets are made? And then to walk over to the music store and peruse guitars and drums and sheet music for him? Well, that's just plain crazy!

It sorta felt like we were dating.

And no, we didn't just ditch the kids. Two are in school, one was in preschool followed by Mom's Day Out, and Kirk is taking every Friday off for awhile. So what are usually my harried holiday errands became a nice shopping trip together in the morning, then lunch with child #2 at school, followed by the fabric-and-music store trip. We've had these kids for awhile now, so any alone time together that is just normal time...not a night out or a "date"...well, let's just say we really enjoy it and are happy to say that there is still no one else we'd rather hang out with!

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