Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gift exchange.

OK, I know I promised I would share more details of my Christmas gift exchange with Kirk. In years past we have not exactly been consistent with our gift giving, either giving one large expensive item (XBox, laptop), or else various smaller (and not extremely meaningful) things. I happened across some great ideas about a year ago out here in blogland, and some of the ideas were still floating in my brain as we approached the holidays a month or two ago.

So, what did we do? We gave each other gifts for each of the five senses. Five senses = five gifts. I figured this would help rein in costs a bit to limit the number of gifts, and would also encourage some thoughtfulness on each of our parts.

In my previous post, you saw the lovely and warm fleece blanket Kirk made for me, which was for my sense of touch. I also got an iTunes gift card (hearing), a cleverly written coupon for a date night out (taste), The Office season one on DVD (sight), and a jar of body cream from this Etsy shop (smell). I also consider the fact that Kirk is now a registered user on Etsy to be a bonus!

I had a few of my gifts to him planned pretty much as soon as we agreed to the five-senses thing (well, after I convinced him that we should do this). He received a gift card for a massage (touch), a book of sheet music for his bass (hearing), a set of laser-battling remote-control helicopters (sight...and yes, I did buy that in the toy dept), a dozen of his favorite cookies from Eileens, and beer soap from this Etsy shop (smell). That's correct...soap made from Guinness beer! It is good stuff and no, one does not end up smelling like he or she just bathed in beer. It has a light, almost vanilla-y scent that's really nice. Especially for folks like us who don't care for foo-foo stinky bath products!

All in all the gift exchange was more engaging than in years past. A little thought had to go into it which made it interesting for both of us. (Incidentally, I can't tell you how stumped I was on "smell" for him. He doesn't wear cologne, and doesn't have any hair, so I was lucky that Etsy saved the day after doing a search on "Bath and Beauty" followed by "Men," which is how I found a variety of beer soaps. Once I saw those, well, that sealed the deal!).

p.s. I ended up benefiting from the massage gift card! It was enough for an hour massage, but then he offered (or did I convince him?) to split it so we could both get 30 minute massages at the same time. We went yesterday afternoon, and it was heavenly!


Sherilyn said...

Very cool idea!!

Jennifer said...

I really love this idea. I hope I remember it for next Christmas. My boyfriend always gets so frustrated trying to come up with the perfect gift, I think this would be a great guide.