Friday, January 23, 2009

New items.

I'm enjoying my time today (alone!) while all of the kids are in school. Is this what it will feel like next fall, when the youngest goes off to kindergarten? Good thing I have lots to keep me busy. It's been a very productive day...something I've been missing lately.

Here, a new bag in Jenny Hofer Designs. The outer fabric is so, so pretty. I'm really digging the green and pink lately! (Grandma M., you'd be so proud!). Here, a new item for Beacon Hill. I've had this fabric sitting around for a loooong time. It was unintentional that the zig zag goes in opposite directions on each burp cloth...but I like the effect.And, the soon-to-be-official business is coming along nicely. Funny how some things are accomplished easily, when the timing is right.

Have a happy (and warm) weekend!

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