Monday, January 26, 2009

Notes from the weekend.

-Friday night - Mother/Son bowling with the cub scouts. The evening started at 6:30 and ended around midnight! It was fun (and I bowled surprisingly well), yet the flashing lights/loud music (yes, it was "cosmic") must have been too much for my sensory system. It took me over 3 hours to fall asleep. As I lay there (trying not to look at the clock) I could tell I was starting to get a first of the season, can you believe it?

-Saturday morning - Renew Your Soul event at church. Despite the lack of sleep it was great! Laughter really is the best medicine. If you ever get the chance to hear Liz Curtis Higgs speak, go! You won't be disappointed.

-Saturday afternoon - I hit the wall and slept for two blissful hours. Kirk even made the kids stay away and ended up taking them to the gym to climb the rock wall. They loved it, and I loved my sleep.

-Saturday night - Enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine while watching Jack Bauer take on the world. And, getting back into this show. A guilty pleasure for sure. Thanks to the wine, I slept very well that night!

-Sunday - Church, followed by house cleaning and shoving the kids out the door to play in the snow. Why do they need to be coerced sometimes? Then later came some chocolate chip cookie baking followed by our Life Group meeting (that was the only reason I cleaned...otherwise there would still be crumbs on the family room floor).

So today, I am still fighting this cold/virus thing. It's not a full-blown cold, yet I wish my immune system would just kick it already! I have gotten too used to being healthy this winter. Do you hear that sound? It's me, knocking on wood LOUDLY!

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